Satisfied Customers

Tehzeeb is successful because it is determined to fulfill your deepest needs and values with its quality food, and because we do not end up considering it our destination. We consider it as our journey that will drive us towards our destination. The depth at which we understand what people need is a testament to our quality and the overwhelming number of our fans expresses the same philosophy.It has been in the tradition of Tehzeeb for the past 75 years to stand as an exemplary bakery in Pakistan. Our building plans and equipments are all certified for achieve this purpose. Here is a brief checklist that we follow in order to carry out our operations.
  • Absolute Sanative conditions throughout the floors including drainage, ventilation, lighting, surroundings, interior and exteriors.
  • We never use any ingredient which lessens the nutrition value. We always introduce the most delicious and valuable items in our stores.
  • All of our food items are produced and stored in accordance to the quality standards. These standards ensure that the food items remain protected from disease, contamination etc.
  • We ensure that our food items show cased are well ventilated, prevented from dust, flies etc. are always presented in a sweet and delicious manner.
  • We require physical examination of each of our employee frequently to make sure the food items are never exposed to any public health danger.
  • Employee all mandatory procedures to handle any emergency.
  • Never compromise with quality, be generous to customers and be sweet always.
We can also supply our bakery items based on your order requirements. With more than six branches in twin cities (Islamabad & Rawalpindi) we strive to provide our services in every area to our loving and caring customers. We always welcome any feedback from customers regarding our services and products.